Chris MacNamara - Founder of Pathway CTM

"Nemo's coaching has really helped me as a entrepreneur starting and scaling a social enterprise. After a year of coaching, I am now in a much stronger position, with an improved awareness of my strengths and own work-ons, with strategies and solutions to ensure i am continuously improving.   Nemo has helped me on this journey and Itake away a new openness in how to speak about problems and finding solutions to them."

Zahra Davidson - Founder of Enrol Yourself

"I always came away from our sessions feeling like I had celebrated achievements or progress. I think you did an excellent job of helping me to boost my own confidence and acknowledge everything that had happened."

Martha Wright - Founding Director of Mindful Music

"I am incredibly grateful for Nemo's coaching. He is hugely skilled in enabling a process of personal transformation and growth. This has enabled me to develop my own leadership skills with confidence in myself. His open, creative and supportive style make even the most challenging conversations enjoyable. I look forward to continuing our sessions - which often feel like a playful exploration of the world and with purposeful outcomes."

Hannah Chamberlain - Co-Founder of Mental Snapp

"Nemo is a highly insightful mentor in all things entrepreneurial and involving personal development. I would recommend him without question for the way in which he creates a space for the individual or the group to learn and grow - drawing on the answers that they already have within themselves. To make this happen requires a special set of skills and it is Nemo's attentive and thought provoking listening and questioning that proved invaluable to me in setting up my enterprise and the personal development that that involved. I highly valued our sessions and found my thoughts transformed and confidence boosted immediately afterwards - and a glow of energy and insightfulness that lasted, transforming my thinking for the future. Thank you Nemo."

Denis Byrne - Founder of Sussex Prisoners' Families

"During a time of the organisation's development and growth Nemo's approach was perfect in helping me explore what I needed to do and remain focused, pragmatic and healthy! Nemo has a friendly, relaxed coaching style with a hidden toughness that allowed me to drill down into priorities and practical goal setting. I came away from each session motivated and feeling OK about my place in the social enterprise world. Thanks Nemo!"

Arlene Martin - Founder of Dignity Magazine

"About a year ago, I embarked on a course of once-monthly coaching sessions with Nemo. At the time, I felt that I had been going round in circles and was back where I started.  A year on and I can say, with confidence, that I am in a clean and exciting space.   This is entirely due to Nemo’s gentle probing yet challenging coaching style. Those sessions equipped me with a set of tools which have enabled me to go on to make constructive decisions. Granted some issues are still there, but I no longer feel engulfed by them; and that feeling of being unencumbered is priceless, amazing and empowering. Thanks loads Nemo."