Client feedback


"Clarity: Nemo helped me gain a clear understanding of my strengths, values, and career aspirations. Their thoughtful questions guided me through uncertainty.
Actionable Feedback: Nemo’s practical advice was invaluable. They provided specific steps to enhance my skills and overcome challenges.
Insightful Listening: Nemo actively listened, offering insights beyond the surface. Their support motivated me to move forward.
Nemo  combines practicality with empathy. If you’re seeking guidance to navigate your professional journey, Nemo is an excellent choice."

Jamie Gleeson - Senior Customer Success Account Manager - Microsoft

"I highly valued our sessions and found my thoughts transformed and confidence boosted immediately afterwards - and a glow of energy and insightfulness that lasted, transforming my thinking for the future. Thank you Nemo."

Hannah Chamberlain - Cofounder of Mental Snapp

"I am incredibly grateful for Nemo's coaching. He is hugely skilled in enabling a process of personal transformation and growth. This has enabled me to develop my own leadership skills with confidence in myself.

Martha Wright - Founder and CEO of Mindful Music

"During a time of the organisation's development and growth Nemo's approach was perfect in helping me explore what I needed to do and remain focused, pragmatic and healthy! Nemo has a friendly, relaxed coaching style with a hidden toughness that allowed me to drill down into priorities and practical goal setting. I came away from each session motivated and feeling OK about my place in the social enterprise world. Thanks Nemo!"

Denis Byrne - Founder of Sussex Prisoners Families

"Nemo's coaching has really helped me as a entrepreneur starting and scaling a social enterprise. After a year of coaching, I am now in a much stronger position, with an improved awareness of my strengths and own work-ons, with strategies and solutions to ensure I am continuously improving.   Nemo has helped me on this journey and take away a new openness in how to speak about problems and finding solutions to them."

Chris McNamara - Founder and CEO of Pathway CTM

"Nemo is a fantastic Action Learning facilitator. I had never done this before and he introduced the process in a fun, kind, intelligent and purposeful way that really got the best out of the sessions. I came away from them with practical ways to approach challenging situations and that is largely due to the way Nemo facilitated the sessions."

Henry Greenwood - Founder and Managing Director at Green Schools Project

"During these extraordinarily emotional times of both setting up a social enterprise and surviving a pandemic, your coaching has been such a lifeline.  Sometimes our session have enabled me to just hold tight and ride out the storm, others have gently galvanised me to keep pulling myself forward.  As a result, my business has developed in many practical ways, but more than that I think that I have emerged more adaptive and whole."

Becky Seale - Founder of Coaching Communities

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