Client feedback


"I highly valued our sessions and found my thoughts transformed and confidence boosted immediately afterwards - and a glow of energy and insightfulness that lasted, transforming my thinking for the future. Thank you Nemo."

Hannah Chamberlain - Cofounder of Mental Snapp

"I am incredibly grateful for Nemo's coaching. He is hugely skilled in enabling a process of personal transformation and growth. This has enabled me to develop my own leadership skills with confidence in myself.

Martha Wright - Founder and CEO of Mindful Music

"During a time of the organisation's development and growth Nemo's approach was perfect in helping me explore what I needed to do and remain focused, pragmatic and healthy! Nemo has a friendly, relaxed coaching style with a hidden toughness that allowed me to drill down into priorities and practical goal setting. I came away from each session motivated and feeling OK about my place in the social enterprise world. Thanks Nemo!"

Denis Byrne - Founder of Sussex Prisoners Families

"Nemo's coaching has really helped me as a entrepreneur starting and scaling a social enterprise. After a year of coaching, I am now in a much stronger position, with an improved awareness of my strengths and own work-ons, with strategies and solutions to ensure I am continuously improving.   Nemo has helped me on this journey and take away a new openness in how to speak about problems and finding solutions to them."

Chris McNamara - Founder and CEO of Pathway CTM

"Nemo is a fantastic Action Learning facilitator. I had never done this before and he introduced the process in a fun, kind, intelligent and purposeful way that really got the best out of the sessions. I came away from them with practical ways to approach challenging situations and that is largely due to the way Nemo facilitated the sessions."

Henry Greenwood - Founder and Managing Director at Green Schools Project

"During these extraordinarily emotional times of both setting up a social enterprise and surviving a pandemic, your coaching has been such a lifeline.  Sometimes our session have enabled me to just hold tight and ride out the storm, others have gently galvanised me to keep pulling myself forward.  As a result, my business has developed in many practical ways, but more than that I think that I have emerged more adaptive and whole."

Becky Seale - Founder of Coaching Communities

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