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Welcome and thanks for checking out my music - I hope you enjoy it!

On this page you can access tracks from across my entire catalogue.  I intend to add new songs and albums as they emerge.

'The Ancient Song' is my newest track. Inspired by the notion that behind everything is one common driving force that some might call love.  The video was filmed on holiday in Scotland in 2021.

In 2022 I re-connected with one of my high school friend Sumito Kawamura.  He was one of the first people to inspire me to play guitar when he showed my how to play all sorts of rock and roll music.  We played together again after a gap of around 20 years and out came this lovely rendition of a classic Scottish folk song by Dougie Mclean - 'Caledonia.'

You might not know that independent artists like me get virtually no income from companies like YouTube, Spotify and Apple music.  They take a handsome fee from millions of listeners like you but pass on a tiny fraction of this to the people who actually write, perform, record and produce the music.  In fact they pay a fraction of a penny for thousands of plays. 

Streaming platforms make huge profits and control how music is made available to listeners.  To get a presence in such places requires huge amounts of promotional work with very little in return and very low odds of success.  People resort to gimmicks and stunts on social media just to get noticed.  I choose to go against this exploitational time wasting - I just want to focus on creating the best music I can. I also want you to hear and enjoy it. 

Life inspires me to create music and I want to share it so it might inspire, delight, support and enrich you.  

Having said that, I also need to earn a living like everyone else.  It's taken me over 30 years of practice and training to create this work, a lifetime of experience to write songs like these, and months of work to perfect the final recordings that you hear now.

If you want to listen to the odd track now and then I am delighted for you to do this gratis.  If you want to listen to more of my music regularly and support my work more directly I operate an honesty box approach: £20 GBP (or equivalent in your currency) for 12 months access to all the music here (this includes new songs that I'll upload from time to time).  Simply hit the 'Buy Now' button and go from there.

Your financial support is very much appreciated, it helps me pay the bills and encourages me to make more and better material to share. Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Wishing you inspiration, love and flow.


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Beautiful moment is a track from my 2013 album.  The footage was filmed in the Scottish Highlands where I was living for a bit back in 2012.  The song is an odeto simply being. 

Most people will have heard the original version of this by Michael Jackson.  The message in the song remains sadly relevant to this day.

The Only Living Boy in New York, originally written by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.  This is one of my personal favourite songs I've made.  Recording this track is a highlight in my music career, sitting in the small cabin my late father had created for me to work in, in the Scottish Highlands, he was listening in as I played it and gave me the thumbs up at the end.  Enjoy!

Dedicated to those who are grieving, this is my musical rendition of the W.H Auden poem.  It's my most popular track to date.

Stop All The Clocks

"Stop All The Clocks" is my debut album which was released in 2013 and is a blend of haunting and moving songs of love, life and loss, in an acoustic style.  The title track is my composition and rendition of W.H Auden's classic poem and has had over 100k views across YouTube. 

Hear samples from my album in this short video:

Download the album here (supplied as a zip file with the 12 songs and cover art) or by clicking on the art work (remember to make your payment via the honesty subscription).

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