Creative Coaching Catalyst

I blend a variety of approaches to get to the heart of the matter quickly.  I work creatively and tailor my work to your specific style, needs and requirements.  I combine conventional conversation based approaches, with my own unique creative methods to help to cut through to what is important.

As a coach and a musician of 30+ years I find that marrying the 2 can create deeper impact for my clients.  Music and dance can evoke so much in us in terms of energy and emotion and can get us out of our thinking minds. 

I created 'Soundtrack Coaching' to use the power of music to augment the coaching.  At certain times during coaching sessions, if what I am experiencing moves me in certain ways, I may offer you some improvised music that may help you to connect with what is important in you.  This can be helpful to find different perspectives when for example you feel a bit stuck or lost.

Visit my resources page to hear some of my custom playlists which are designed to empower your progress.

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